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    Our expertise spans from oil refining, can making, oil packaging, logistics, warehousing and distribution of our products, to serve the distinct needs of each valued customer in the ever changing global marketplace.

    We offer a comprehensive range of quality products - ranging from palm based vegetable cooking oil, vegetable ghee, soft oils, lauric oil, to bakery & confectionary fats, etc. Ever aware of the changing needs of our clientele, we also extend our product range to other food & beverage categories i.e. condensed milk, tomato paste, etc.

    Products are supplied in various packing types to carter the needs of industrial, institution and food service, catering and retail marketplace.

    Our flagship brand, OKI, and several other leading brands such as Turkey, Mona and Healthplus, have established high level of global awareness, with strong worldwide distribution network.

    Today our products are sold to more than 100 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent, etc with a strong focus on local partnership.

    Our international sales team based in Singapore is dedicated to serve and deliver your business needs with utmost efficiency, reliability, friendly services by providing innovative solutions.
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    Derived from Chinese text, Ngo Chew Hong means 'five continents'. It reflects the company's commitment to expand global reach through worldwide distribution network, uncompromised level of services, premium quality products, innovative packaging, investment in leading process technology and R & D.

    We aim to be the Global Strategic Partner to our clientele, by providing innovative solution to every distinct need in food & beverage categories.
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    We have firmly established ourselves as one of the industry leaders through the unique positioning as a 'Global Strategic Partner', who is reliable, innovative, with dynamic capability and connected globally.
    With over 60 years of experience, we pride ourselves as a reliable and trusted business partner. We deliver what we promised and weathered many challenges together with our customers.Our long standing reputation is built from our heritage of history and extensive experience in the business over the years.
    With our global presence in over 100 countries, we are aware of and ever receptive to changes in global market demands. Our strong worldwide distribution network has equipped us with knowledge to anticipate each distinct market needs. In addition, our tirelessly global sourcing from various parts of world has strengthened our dynamic capabilities to fulfill your diversify needs with maximum satisfaction.

    Locally in Singapore, we also serve major distributors, leading supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and food industries.

    We understand our home ground market, and yours too.
    With a strong belief that there are always better solutions for every need, we are committed to delivering innovative products of impeccable quality through continuous investments in product development and the latest manufacturing technology.

    Our ceaseless drive in innovation is shared among our team of nutritionists, food technologists, quality assurance experts, sales professionals, etc, with the commitment from top management.
    Creativity and adaptability is our base of dynamic capabilities. We integrate and continuously strengthen our internal and external competences to address rapidly changing environment, especially your ever changing needs. You are assured of premium quality products that are competitively priced and delivered with utmost efficiency and reliability.

    We would always remain at the forefront of the evolution and offer a mutually beneficial relationship to our business partners for continuous growth.

    Ngo Chew Hong Edible Oil Pte Ltd, Your Global Strategic Partner!

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